Here Are The 5 Things I Love Most About The Extroverts In My Life…

Our brains may be wired differently, but man do I love my Extroverts — And here are a few reasons why…

  1. They get me out of the house, and out of my comfort zone Costume party? Happy Hour? Bachelorette/Bridal Parties? All of these are legit trigger words for an Introvert. Nothing screams “uncomfortable” like getting dressed up for ‘themed’ birthday party (don’t even get me started on Halloween) or meeting a handful of new people that you’re forced to hang out with while you celebrate someones impending nuptials. Yet, time and time again, it happens, and there’s usually an Extrovert to blame. But honestly, thank goodness they talked me into it! When I look back at some of my fondest memories, half of them are things I was SURE I’d hate, but ended up totally loving. Sometimes we need to get out of our little hermit holes and remember that we do enjoy some social interactions from time to time. If I didn’t have my Extroverts to drag me out of my house and into an adult giraffe onesie costume or in a dress with some heels and little makeup, I wouldn’t know how much fun I could have.
  2. They help me be present – As Introverts we are constantly in our heads, thinking about the past, present, and the future. We are thinking about food, thinking about our pets, thinking about the sea, our partners, our parents. Why do we have such an incredibly strong feelings about the way a book or movie ended? Or how insane airplanes are, like seriously, have you really thought about how CRAZY airplanes are? See, I got distracted thinking about things I think about. This is why I love my Extroverts. They remind me to be in the here and now. I cannot tell you how many times my Twin sister (who is an ESFJ) has had to remind me during heavily extroverted social events to enjoy the moment and stop overthinking things. I’m grateful for her for a billion reasons, but if I didn’t have her to snap me back into the present reality, I may have let some great moments slip by.
  3. Because I love them, their energy energizes me instead of drain me – I could literally not talk to anyone for an entire day (and dare I say I could probably go a couple more – pets not included) and be completely content. I don’t need a bunch of interacting or chitter chatter in my day to feel happy, but when I’m with my Extroverts, I can surprise people with how Extroverted I can become. My twin and BFF are ESFJs and my other BFF is an ENFJ. When I’m around them, their beautiful, vibrant, and lively personalities pull me right out of my shell and I become someone who can be loud, assertive, outgoing, and who will do just about anything to get a good laugh out of them (preferable, almost peeing their pants). My Mom is an ESTJ and the two of us can sit on the phone or in person and talk for hours. She is so analytical, realistic, and practical that I love being able to press pause on my prominent emotional function (being an INFJ I bounce between my emotional and analytical sides simultaneously) and discuss facts, details, and evidence with her. She can get me fired up about a situation that I feel strongly about (in a good way, like “My Mom said I was right, sooooo?”) or talk me down if my emotions have taken over and I’m unable to think objectively. They all balance and revitalize me in their own unique ways and their energy restores me.
  4. They make me lighter – This one is probably my favorite. Being an Introvert, you think of all sides to a situation, the good and the bad. Which can make you feel heavy, sad, and sometimes even depressed. I’m so grateful to have my Extroverts in my life who will laugh at my dark humor and cynicism but love me anyway. They help to steer me off the path of heading down the rabbit hole that I almost always find myself wanting to head down. They remind me that everything will always work out, that some situations don’t deserve the time or headache. They help me to not take everything so seriously, and that most importantly – That no one cares about the things I think people care about as much as I do. Like, “Get ovaaa ya-self girl” and sometimes, that’s just what this over thinker needs to hear. 
  5. They are straight forward communicators – I can ask any of my Extroverts a very complex question and I’m always bewildered at how easily and efficiently they can come up with an answer. I honestly think it’s their super power! How incredible is it to just know what you want to say without having to stir, chew, and spin it around in your head first?! It’s Ah-mazing!! All the hours I spend mulling things over and over in my head and they can just – BAM – come up with something right there on the spot?! I truly feel inspired by it and want to learn how to cultivate more it my own life. Now, will I ever be able to master it like them? Maybe, maybe not (realistically, probably not) but regardless, I love hearing and learning new things from my Extroverts.

Look, we are all different, and truth be told there are times that my Extroverts annoy the ever loving heck out of me…but what makes us different, helps us grow, right? And hey, I’m not saying I’m a walk in the park either. I know I may need an incredible amount of time alone to recharge and decompress, and I may think too much and overanalyze things, but what I do know is this – My wonderful Extroverts help me look at things from a different point of view, they help me to feel understood in the loud world we live in, and they inspire me to keep learning new ways to communicate. But most importantly, my Extroverts remind me to get out and live.


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